Seeing an obstetrician during pregnancy is very important for the health and wellness of both the baby and the mother. As one of the top ranked OB practices the Knoxville area, Generations ObGyn, PC provides the care and treatment women need to stay as healthy as possible from conception through delivery. At Generations, we adhere to the standard of care as set forth by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

On your first OB visit, as well as seeing your physician, you will be meeting with one of our most experienced OB clinicians. You will be given a packet of information which includes a book entitled, “Your Pregnancy and Childbirth”. The advice it contains is valuable; it is filled with OB educational information and guidelines for a healthy mom and healthy baby.

Optimally, the initial visit should be 8-10 weeks from the first date of the last menstrual cycle. This will allow for discussion about and informed decision making regarding any elective genetic screening tests that may be desired.

During initial OB visits, we complete necessary lab work, provide OB education, and perform a physical examination. After this first visit, we maintain an OB visit schedule based on ACOG guidelines:

  • Initial visit to 28 weeks into pregnancy — visit every 4 weeks
  • 28 weeks to 36 weeks into pegnancy — visit every 2 weeks
  • 36 weeks until delivery — visit every week

OB appointment visits are normally scheduled with the patient’s primary physician barring any unforeseen circumstances, such as an unexpected delivery, on-call emergency, etc.