3D/4D Ultrasound

ob-picGenerations ObGyn goes beyond the typical ultrasound. Our offices are among the first in this area to offer three-dimensional (3D) / four-dimensional (4D) real-time ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound allows doctors to see the developing baby in the womb. It is especially useful when the doctor suspects a problem and needs to see specific, high-quality images of the fetus.

With 3D ultrasound, a computer makes numerous images and produces a life-like three-dimensional image. The fourth dimension adds real-time movement, which means that you and your doctor can see the baby as it moves. The movements can be saved for you on a DVD.

Most insurance companies do not routinely cover the 3D/4D procedure unless it is medically necessary. Patients who are interested in non-medical imaging should contact our office for more information.


We are AIUM accredited and our highly-skilled team of techs have many years of experience in high-risk ob ultrasonography.