How to choose an OBGYN?

Most women ask a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker or primary care physician about who they recommend.  Other important factors might be locale, is the physician close to your home? Does the physician participate in your insurance plan or do they practice at hospital where you would want to receive care?  We have offices at The Tower at Park West and at Fort Loudon Medical Center and are closely affiliated with Park West Medical Center.  We accept most major insurance carriers, but you can always give us a call to be sure if you have a question about your particular network. Next, look over our list of providers. Six of our seven physicians do OB, so find the one that is right for you and give our appointment line a call.

What do I do when I get a Positive Pregnancy test?

This is such an exciting day! Women generally find out they are expecting between 5-8 weeks along in pregnancy. Please call our office at any time if you have a problem such as pain, bleeding, nausea or vomiting and we can schedule a work in appointment. Otherwise if you are doing well, call our office after your positive test and you will be offered a Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound for viability and dating.  You will see a provider at that visit to go over your ultrasound, answer questions, get blood drawn if needed and will be scheduled for your New OB Visit.

What can I expect at my New OB Visit?

This is a long visit seeing several staff members including a financial counselor, nurse interviewer, physician, and lab technician. It can take up to around 2 hours depending upon your medical and obstetrical history. We take a comprehensive history to identify any possible risks for each pregnancy and give out written and verbal information to help you feel confident and educated.  A full exam and PAP if needed is also preformed.  Routine blood work and urine is obtained and a follow up visit is scheduled.

How often will I see my physician for my OB care?

While some healthcare practices may have patients see a mid-level provider such as a Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant for the majority of their visits and only see the doctor if there is a complication, at Generations, the physicians see their own patients for routine and complicated prenatal visits in order to develop a strong rapport with new Moms and maintain continuity to their OB care.  You will not be routinely rotated with other physicians unless you request it.  Visits will range from every 2-4 weeks for routine care to 1-2 visits per week if high risk.

Who might deliver my baby?

At Parkwest Hospital, OB call coverage is shared among all the delivering doctors on an equal rotational basis. If your Generations physician is in the office the day of your labor, every effort will be made for your OB to deliver your baby. We want to be there for you and your baby!

At which hospital will I deliver?

All patients of Generations deliver at Parkwest Hospital. It is very important that patients go to the hospital that their physician practices. This ensures the best care possible for your big day. Your prenatal records will be faxed over from our office to Labor and Delivery at 20 weeks and 35 weeks gestation.  The Childbirth Center is located on the 2nd floor and here you will pre-register around 35-38 weeks.

Who do I call for emergencies?

Patients are encouraged to write down and bring questions in to their provider each prenatal visit so that their doctor can answer those directly. If a question can’t wait until that visit, a call during office hours to our experienced personnel in the phone room is necessary. If they cannot answer your question, they check with the physician.  Emergent questions will be answered as a priority and non-emergent calls will take longer for a response.  If your need to speak with a physician after office hours, we have a call service for EMERGENCIES ONLY and an OB doctor will return your call. Please leave a valid working phone number and be ready to answer the phone because we try to call back within a few minutes. If you have not heard back from the on call physician within 15-20 minutes, please call the service again to make sure the text went through.

Does your office provide prenatal classes?

Yes, we are excited to be able to provide education for our expecting families outside of office hours 2 times a month.  Each month the topics will be divided into care during the first 20 weeks and care during the last 20 weeks. The session is scheduled to last 1 hour and you will receive YOUR PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH month to month book. Please call our appointments to sign up today.  In addition to our in- office classes, the Childbirth Center at Parkwest offers a variety of classes through Teddy Bear University on the Covenant website.